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1930 Airport Road, Lawrence, KS 66044

Serving Lawrence Kansas Since 1983

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Hetrick Air Services is proud to offer only the best in airplane engineering with our Cessna sales department. For more than 85 years, Cessna has combined the best safety and design to provide you with a superior flying experience you can trust.


When you buy an aircraft from us, you're getting more than just a superior machine. You're getting a relationship. We'll perform test flights for you to identify any potential problems. We'll contact you with a reminder when it's time for routine maintenance, and we'll pick up the plane if it's outside the Lawrence area. We'll even lease your new plane back from you, so your aircraft will actually generate revenue for you!

After the sale we'll help you keep up on the maintenance of your aircraft, and even offer you a way to make money by leasing your plane back from you!

Call us today so we can handle all your new aircraft needs.


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