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Hetrick Air Services Inc. is pleased to have you as a rental customer. We will try to do all we can to make your rental a pleasure experience and ask that you will advise us of any discrepancies that are noted. As a rental customer we place a great deal of confidence in you the same as you have the right to expect from us. The following are means where we feel we must be in agreement to insure beneficial relationship for both of us.





1.The pilot in command agrees to return the aircraft in as good of physical and


mechanical condition as when it was checked out, excepting normal wear and tear. It is the PIC’s responsibility to point out any physical or mechanical discrepancies prior to departure. In the extent the aircraft is not returned to Lawrence by the renter, the renter will be responsible for the cost incurred in its return.


2.The renter will not operate the aircraft, or carry passengers or cargo for hire. Renters may share expenses as outlined in the FAR’s.


3.The renter will always properly secure the aircraft when it is not in flight. Securing the airplane includes proper shut down procedures as well as securing the aircraft. The renter will be responsible for any damages resulting from failure to properly secure of the airplane.


4.Payment will be due on return of the airplane responsible unless prior arrangements were made. Liability for payment in full will rest fully upon the individual, who signs this rental agreement, regardless of private arrangements made with passengers to share costs.


5.The renter is ultimately liable for any damage that occurs to the airplane. The renter will be afforded no subrogation right due to any insurance recoveries if the damage was a result of a violation of a FAR, negligence, neglect, or wanton disregard for the safety of the airplane or for the property of other. The renter will be required to complete the credit card information below that can be used to collect revenue for rental or damage that occurs to the airplane. It is recommended that the renter obtain renter’s insurance policy to cover them for the deductible.


6.While the airplane is checked out to the renter, they are ultimately responsible for the safe return of said airplane. If the renter allows someone else to fly it, it is at the renter’s own risk.


7.The renter has read and agrees with the rental requirements listed below.





1.It is the responsibility of the pilot to insure that they hold the proper certificates, ratings and regency-of-experience requirements as required by the F.A.R’s. We will always strive to have the airplane in airworthy condition for you, we ask that you strive to be in airworthy condition for the airplane.


2.The renter is expected to abide by the F.A.R.’s in the operation of all airplanes.


3.The renter must conduct a proper preflight inspection and is responsible to insure the aircraft is in airworthy condition, including but not limited to, checking required documents, fuel and oil.


4.The renter will be responsible to check the weather and insure the safety of the flight. The renter shall never take off the airplane in weather conditions beyond his or her capabilities.


5.The renter shall handle the airplane in a reasonable and prudent manner at all times.


6.Rental airplane shall operate only at approved airports, unless prior permission has been granted.


7.Only authorized Hetrick Air Services instructors are allowed to instruct in Hetrick Air Service’s airplanes.


8.Renter is responsible for “non-standard” costs relating to the operation of the aircraft. Known non-standard costs at time of this agreement include charges for preheating, remote hangar storage for overnight trips and charges for jump-starts.





1.Has completed a check out within the past 12 months by approved instructor.


2.Has flown 1 hour within past 60 days or would require a check out.

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